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If you forget your OS X account password then it can be reset by either another user, provided they have administrator privileges, or through OS X Recovery. another user or the process of booting the Mac into OS X Recovery.

Designed by Douglas Rolim. Quickly generate quantities for Lineal, Area and Count conditions, right on your screen. Save common conditions to the Style Library for use in future projects. Send copies of Takeoffs, with Legends and your added notations to Site Supervisors or even to Subcontractors for pricing.

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Ensure the plan is at or and not some obscure scale. On-Screen Take-off can rescale to suit any drawing. Zoom into the smallest detail. Flip between different views to check details. Paste into Word, Outlook etc. Great for checking details both during the estimating stage and construction. Overlay the original plans used in the estimate and compare with the latest drawing revision, with all changes highlighted.

I love it. OST is easy to get up and running. It's intuitive and user friendly. It was hard to figure out how to go in and just take the SF of a room. With OST it's a breeze to take a simple measurement or do more extensive takeoff without needing an owners manual or even a tutorial. Is the difficulty in naming sheets that are imported in. It's cumbersome and time consuming.

It also makes it hard to relink to a different folder location.

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The high cost for a single license is prohibitive to the freelance estimator and forces us to use alternative programs that aren't as efficient. I wish there was a way to make it cheaper for sole proprietorship businesses in the construction industry. Kellie from Maiden-Stone Inc. Industry: Building Materials. Time Used: Less than 6 months.

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It may have it's weaknesses, but overall it's great! Overall the program is great. Its fairly simple to import and manage drawings, create conditions, and quantify areas. I am sure there are many features which I fail to use to their potential, but learning to make the system work of me and the types of take-offs I perform was quick. There is very little learning curve, and if you have any questions their Customer Support Tools are incredible.

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I enter a question and typically receive a call from a person within hours. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. The program has its weaknesses.

One huge weakness is it's tolerance. When using the measure tool the tolerance is to the nearest inch. There is no way to adjust this, which can mean rejection of material and a lot of jobsite labor in our particular field Stone.

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Also, exporting to excel could be clearer, but overall it's pretty helpful. Ability to create various types of conditions, in various types of materials, in various areas, and being able to calculate various types of information from one condition sq. Ability to export to Excel.

Inability to tighten tolerances. Inability to label linear conditions. Inability to increase the size of the font on condition labels. Excel Export could be much cleaner. Inabiliy to create non-grid tile layouts. Ryan from Diament Building Corp. I love OST it can be used in so many different ways it's my favorite program for manipulating just about any type of file.

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It is an amazing tool that makes any estimators take-off portion of the job quick and easy. There is not much I do not like about OST, but Sometimes i want to have annotations but do not need the dimensions and i have to delete all the dimensions on the page to only show the annotation that i want. Chris from Retail Fixture Solutions. Industry: Warehousing. The On Screen Takeoff program along with the support provided by On Center is a great combo for anyone looking to standardize and get better control of their takeoff and bids.

My experience has been nothing but the best from Training, to implementation, and support throughout the past few years. Allows me to constantly and quickly take off plans that used to take all day to provide. The software has been awesome for me in many ways but I wish it was more report friendly for people who are working outside of the standard databases and reporting schemes. I had to build my database from the ground up and how we export and report that information isn't typical for OST. Trying to build custom reports and exports has been challenging but On Center support was always there to help or at least let me know that I have hit a dead end.

Tim from Accent Landscape Contractor's, Inc. I've used OST for 10 years and overall satisfied. I think for the annual service fee, there should be more upgrades than once every 2 years or so.

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We have used tech support maybe once a year if that and the owner of the business doesn't think that justifies the annual cost. It's easy and quick to use and easy to train others. I like and use the overlay function a lot. I also like the intelligent paste function as well for repetitious items.

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Only 1 overlay possible, needs ability to remove the original plan and add an additional overlay as plans change i. A new bid file has to be created and the takeoff copied to the new file for adjustments Database bogs down on very large projects Auto count feature doesn't work very well on scanned plans. Company Size: 1,, employees. Overall we have switched to a different measuring software, which offers many more features as On Screen. For the cost, there are better options. But if users are used to OST, it serves a good purpose, and does exactly what it says.

It offers a simple, fast and organized takeoff software. It has several options for Linear, Areas, and Counts. It offers many colors, line weights, grouping categories. It is an easy process to import files, save and categorize various measurement groups. Easy print out, and export features as well. One is that you can only view and adjust 1 page at a time, although you can import multiple pages, you can only view and measure one page at a time.

The design features are fairly limited. Les from PDP Painting. I have been using On-Screen Takeoff for about 16 years and I have always been impressed with the ease of use, support and the upgrades that have been made through the years. I can do a takeoff of a large commercial building in a fraction of the time it would take me to do it with a ruler or takeoff wheel and it is extremely more accurate.

I am able to bid a lot more work with the On-Screen Takeoff program. Another benefit is you end up with a color-coded plan that you or someone else such as a project manger can look at and see what you did. Its easy to learn to use and if you get stuck on something the support staff are there to help and they have never laughed at my dumb questions. I dont know if there is anything I dont like about it, but I wish you could copy text or images from a plan sheet and past them into a word document.

As an estimator this program makes my life much easier. Can breakdown my estimate any way I want. It not possible to mention them all here. Better accuracy in our estimates. Greater flexibility with our estimates too. Can change conditions very easily if necessary. Our field personnel loves it too. Were able to print all of the plans from any project and breakdown the estimate by floor or zone or phase.

This program is great for our office and field personnel.

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  8. Both can see the entire scope of work to be performed and know where each condition is to be applied on each floor of our jobs. Allows for better management of our labor hours and cost accounting too! That I cannot download it on my iPhone!