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If you forget your OS X account password then it can be reset by either another user, provided they have administrator privileges, or through OS X Recovery. another user or the process of booting the Mac into OS X Recovery.

The USB 3. The noise from USB 3. This noise can radiate from the USB 3. If the antenna of a wireless device operating in this band is placed close to any of the USB 3. The broadband noise emitted from a USB 3. This may result in a drop in throughput on the wireless link.

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I've had the same problem on my Macbook Pro Retina when connecting an external hard drive through a dongle. That Mac has two thunderbolt ports, one very close to the other. I've managed to solve the issue by unplugging my dongle from the port closest to display and plugging it into a port that's a bit farther from display. I've read here that the reason for this problem may be that HDD is stealing power from WiFi when hardware is too close to each other, or something like that.

Anyway, plugging it into another port solved the issue for me. It seems like the solution was a one-time. If that doesn't work, try plugging your laptop into power. Maybe even moving an extern disk as far away as possible from mac. Plugging into power solved it for me this time. I moved my drive as far from my mac as the cord would reach and the problem was solved, my wifi still works. I had stored the drive under the vertically held MacBook. I have experienced this problem and it take my hours.

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. External hard drive knocks out wifi Internet Ask Question. Chris Wraight Chris Wraight 26 1 1 2. You can use it for occasional wireless-drive backups without investing in a unit with its own storage. And another still-different one is the Lenovo ThinkPad Stack listed above , which is a mobile-accessory set that includes hard drive, power bank, and router modules that together can work like a wireless hard drive.

It's been on the market a while, but it's a unique solution for serious mobile types. SD, or No SD? A few wireless hard drives include an SD card slot built into the body of the drive. Weigh the Raw Capacity. Any of these drives that uses an internal platter mechanism will cost less per gigabyte than one based on flash memory. You'll want to do the math on the cost per gigabyte on any drive total capacity in gigabytes, divided by the cost in dollars that you are considering to assess the relative value. Consider Battery Life.

This is one way in which our formal reviews of these devices are invaluable. Check out our battery tests on the various drives to get an idea of relative longevity if you do mean to use these for extensive streaming of music, photos, or video away from a power plug. Also, realize: It's not an absolute measure by any means, but the bigger-chassis drives tend to have larger batteries and thus longer potential running times.

A few can also serve as power banks, recharging your mobile gadgets off the drive battery.

The 8 best external hard drives and SSDs for Mac and PC users in 12222

Look at the Software Interface. This is another front on which reviews will come in handy. The app aspect of the wireless drive will vary depending on platform iOS versus Android , and some experiences are better than others. You'll want to look at the particulars. This is mainly an issue for how the wireless drive connects with phones and tablets; we expect that most users, when connecting one of these drives to a laptop or desktop, will use the wired connection and manage the contents of the drive using Windows Explorer or the macOS file manager.

Check the Streaming-File Support Specifics. If your main reason for considering one of these drives is for it to act as a streaming source for music or movies, look into which types of files you can play through the provided app.

How to Buy a Wireless Hard Drive or SSD

If your collection consists of files in less-common formats such as FLAC, you'll want to be double-mindful of this. Know the Maximum Connectable Devices. Wireless drives vary in terms of how many tablets or other mobile devices you can connect to, or stream from, them at any given time. If, say, you intend to stream different content to a host of kid-controlled tablets in the family minivan, pay attention to this. Also know that the kind of content you are streaming can affect the smoothness of playback. Three simultaneous MP3-music streams are a lot different, in terms of demands on the drive, than three streams of p video.

You won't find a ton of these kinds of drives on the market, but we've tested most of them. For info on more ordinary wired portable drives, check out our roundup of the best external hard drives , as well as our guide to the best external SSDs. And for additional backup options, also take a look at our buying guides and favorites lists for the best network-attached storage NAS devices and cloud storage services.

Caches media lists. Responds faster than previous iterations.

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USM connector. Passes Internet through.

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Can use drag and drop or Media Sync app. Works with browsers in laptops and desktops. Easily misplaced USM port cover. Some videos play in browser, some in the Seagate Media app. Incorporates power bank, hard drive, NAS, wireless router, and speakerphone in a tiny stackable unit. Flexible, modular magnetic design.

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Components can be bought separately. Well-designed app interface. Pricey, compared with separate, non-integrated alternatives. Low price. Attractive design. Connecting to a phone is simple. Mobile app is easy to use. Reliable, consistent wireless connectivity on our tests.

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Connecting wirelessly to a computer is still less convenient than plugging it in. USB 2. Middling transfer speeds in testing.