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If you forget your OS X account password then it can be reset by either another user, provided they have administrator privileges, or through OS X Recovery. another user or the process of booting the Mac into OS X Recovery.

Transfer photos: The steps for transferring photos depend on your particular camera. Click the Backup tab. Make sure that WD SmartWare is set to perform a category backup. Click Advanced View and select the file categories you want to back up. Click Apply Changes. Click Enable Backup. Make sure that WD SmartWare is set to perform a file backup.

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  3. Getting Started with the WD MyBook Drive.

Select files and folders. Click Change Settings and follow the steps in the wizard. When prompted to select where you want your backup saved, click My Passport, and then click Next.

Tips for Getting Started with the WD My Book Backup Drive

When prompted, select an option, and then click Next. Note: If you selected the option to choose files yourself, select the appropriate files, and then click Next. Click Save Settings and Exit. Click Back Up Now. Click Wi-Fi. In the Wi-Fi Network box, turn the switch On. Select the network you want to connect to.

In the Wi-Fi network dialog: Enter a password if required. Click OK.

Can this drive bring network storage to the masses?

Launch the WD My Cloud mobile app. To access the Already Added section, tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen. In the Already Added section, swipe the name of your drive and tap the settings icon. Tap Wi-Fi, and then turn on Connect to Internet. Select a network and enter a Password if required. Turn on Share Content to allow anyone connected to the network to access files on your drive.

Tap Join. To access the Devices section, tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen. In the Devices section, tap the settings icon to the right of your drive. Tap Connect. Direct Connection On your mobile device or computer, open the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Select the Security Type. Enter and then confirm your Wi-Fi password. Click Admin.

Turn on Settings Password, and then enter and confirm your password. Click Hardware. Turn on Drive Lock. Click Media. Whilst this approach is fine for computer novices, it is very wasteful of disk space and a bit too simplistic for many users needs, ours included. We have been testing the Pro Version 1. On the admin interface of the My Book Live you enable mobile access. It is best to create a new account for this as you can then control what shares are visible. This generate a 9-digit activation code whivch is entered into the app to link it with this device. The great thing about this process, is the simplicity.

There are no firewall issues and no port-forwarding to set up. By default the public media share is exposed and this has the four default folders described above. The app supports the concept of 'clipping' media files, which are then copied cached onto your mobile device. Make sure your WD2Go data is not backed up into iCloud or you will used up your 5Gb allowance very quickly. We were really hoping that this concept would allow us to cache download TV episodes.

[Solved] NAS Problem: WD MyBookLive : Help - Volumio

The app also supports AirPlay but sadly only audio for now. When pushed various video clips to our Apple TV device we could only hear the video and not see it. The app is also not totally reliable. It crashes sometime and more often than not this is when it comes across a media format that it doesn't support. On the face of it, WD Photos duplicates the functins of WD2Go but in reality it uses transcoded versions of your photos so that they load much faster on your a mobile device. It also has sorting options to allow you to filter out photos and offers slideshow capability.

WD2Go actually looks at the original photo, so it is not optimized for web viewing, e. With WD 2Go, that same photo has been resized to only a few Kbytes in size, so downloading and displaying is much faster. It could have been brilliant if a little more thought had gone into the supporting software and apps. The backup software Smartware is just too simplistic in approach for our liking.

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  • Thread starter Baconmanic Start date Dec 6, Baconmanic Newbie. Joined Jul 2, Messages The user system is a Macbook air running Mavericks I can drag and drop files using finder on the MAC, but the transfer seems slow. I would assume this is because the MAC is being a middle man, and being on wireless, is killing the speed.

    I can not seem to find a way to transfer directly to the My Book live. I can not seem to get the rysnc setup correctly.

    WD Mybook unboxing and installation tutorial

    I hope someone can help me out with this. I want this backed up so that I can really play with my freenas server without worry. Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Wireless is definitely a performance killer. Rsync will require your Mac to have an rsync client setup.