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If you forget your OS X account password then it can be reset by either another user, provided they have administrator privileges, or through OS X Recovery. another user or the process of booting the Mac into OS X Recovery.

Apple Canon Printer Driver 3.0 for Mac OS

Thanks janegil. I tried the Mavericks one but it said it was not compatible with Yosemite. Still trying! Thank you very much, Jan! Using this I was finally! You just save me a couple of hundred! My Canon Imageformula P now works under Yosemite. It had previously worked under Mavericks but the Yosemite upgrade rendered my scanner inoperable until I read about your fix. I had previously spoken to the Canon support help-line but they were completely useless.

It makes you wonder just what is happening within that organisation…. You should put your ass on that scanner to show them what you think …. Folks will get wise to such behaviour whether it be a sales ploy or just incompetence. It can now be seen by imagecapture. Many thanks. I was only able to scan from within Adobe Acrobat Pro. That worked, but was inconvenient and limited my options. When I recently installed Yosemite, I lost even that capability.

Thanks again!

CanoScan LiDE 80

A big thank you for supplying this information. This solution has worked beautifully. And so simple! My Canoscan Lide 20 is still not recognised by Image capture.

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Can anyone please tell me what to do? You need a driver in addition to this package. It seems Canons drivers are too old for this scanner to be used with Yosemite, some other people commenting here has had success using it with the SANE drivers, and this package. It works independently and through Photoshop. Many thanks, it works very well with my Samsung SCX My husband and I have been working on this since upgrading to Yosemite last week. I have been practically tearing my hair out with frustration!

This upgrade to Yosemite has been extremely painful, but thanks to you I have a working scanner again! I upgraded from Mavericks and I think the transition to Yosemite has been one of the most painfree updates I have done with OS X this far. I skipped Mavericks and have been having the worst time. We are now telling clients to go to Mavericks and then Yosemite. Always better to do a small upgrade! You have no idea how much your sharing the fruits of your hard work has meant to me. I have and old Notebook laptop with Windows and have to use that if I want to scan and print…sigh!!

Then I came upon this thread. Perhaps you could help me by describing how you got yours working OK. Regards Derek A. You need to use the installer from this page together with the old Canon driver. Another satisfied customer! My ancient LIDE35 which I love for both the image fidelity and the extremely low profile seems to once again be in the land of the living. This works perfectly with my Canon P Thank you thank you! Would someone help me finding the driver. It seems the comment earlier refers to SANE, which is another package like thing of drivers.

It can be found here. I dont think it supports Yosemite yet though, hopefully this will happen soon. If you are not running Yosemite, a post by MacManus has a short howto , and I think will also be updated once Yosemite is released. Thanks so much for all your dedication. All I got was gray when scanning on my trusty Canon Lide F. Canon does not provide a driver for Thanks very much. I also have a Canon Lide F and has a new Mac desktop. This fix worked for me, using the driver on the Canon website made for the Thank you for doing this work. Take care.

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I tried the driver for Then found this site from a Google search. Works like a charm! You still need the Get the TWAIn bridge app. Install all 3. Open toolbox and scan something. In any event, how do you implement your Fix once it has been downloaded and installed? I have not tried my solution with any of the applications provided by Canon. This worked perfectly for my Brother DSmobile Thanks so much for your help! Works great with Yosemite, Canoscan F. Finally ditched the crappy Canon scanning software! Thanks for clear headed thinking, simple solution. I was amazed at the threads and misinformation around this topic.

The solution reinstalling older Apple executable while using most current scan driver is really a safe way to go.

It works for my Canoscan F with Yosemite I can use the scanner buttons again! My open questions are now: Why Apple deny the access to the scanner? Are the buttons of this scanner working with Yosemite without the usage of the old TwainBridge App?

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And if so, why? What is the Yosemite way for writing scanner drivers which are listend into digital image app?

CanoScan LiDE 30 Driver Download

Not getting many hits googling for that though. I use mostly the buttons when i work with the scanner. If so, then the root cause is at the side of Canon. My CanoScan Lide 90 is back up and running. My CanoScan F works again! Thank you so much for saving me the cost of replacing a perfectly good and expensive scanner. It works great now!! Thank you, Jan Egil, so very much! I spent several hours and tried all sorts of advice from the Xerox forums and elsewhere with no success.

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This, however, was easy peezy! Again, many, many thanks. Hi Janegil, You are a star, thank you very much for providing this installer package and link to the drivers. When I recently upgraded to Yosemite I have just installed the last available driver fosxen for this scanner from Canon for Lion?

I have scanned some photographs and all the previous functionaliy seems to be there. That is a minor inconvenience though, most importantly I have my scanner with slide scanning capbi;ity back.

Canon's CaptureOnTouch Software for Mac OS

Again, thank you very much. Fixing these kinds of problems are way beyond my capabilities and having people like you doing it is wonderful. Unbelievable that a simple piece of kit like a flatbed scanner can get shot down so easily. It seems the drivers for the Lide are pretty up to date from their date on Canons website. Try reinstalling their drivers. I would possibly try the ICA driver listed there first. Yeah it seems like the drivers for this scanner is pretty old.

Thanks so much! My CanoScan F works now with mac I am happy now, that I can use my well working scanner. Hate to throw away things which are still good!