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If you forget your OS X account password then it can be reset by either another user, provided they have administrator privileges, or through OS X Recovery. another user or the process of booting the Mac into OS X Recovery.

To change the case of selected text in a document, do the following:. To capitalize the first letter of a sentence and leave all other letters as lowercase, click Sentence case. To capitalize the first letter of each word and leave the other letters lowercase, click Capitalize Each Word.

Change text case in Word for Mac

To apply small capital Small Caps to your text, select the text, and then on the Home tab, in the Font group, click the arrow in the lower-right corner. In the Font dialog box, under Effects , select the Small Caps check box. In Word for Mac you can also format text in all small capital letters: Choose AutoCorrect options for capitalization.

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Capitalize sentences automatically

Change the capitalization or case of text. Expand your Office skills. Start Case: Click Auto-Correction at the top of the preferences window.

Modify capitalization Select the text you want to change, or click where you want to type new text. In the Font section, click , then click the Capitalization pop-up menu and choose an option: The text is left as you entered it, with no changes.

All Caps: All text is capitalized at the same height. Small Caps: All text is capitalized with larger capitals for uppercase letters.

How to change text to upper case, lower case and set auto capitalization in Mac OS X Lion