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If you forget your OS X account password then it can be reset by either another user, provided they have administrator privileges, or through OS X Recovery. another user or the process of booting the Mac into OS X Recovery.

Just pick a tool, pick a color, and go! Far inferior to microsoft paint. Cut and paste functions simply do not work - when I hit paste it either fails to drop the image at all , just leaving behind an empty selection box, or it drops the image on a completely random part of the canvas and the selection box is separate from the image, so you can't drag and drop it to a new location, which is a real pain when it lands on top of another part of your image so you have to undo and try again.

Complete lack of control whatsoever. Lag is atrocious when doing anything, particularly dragging and dropping images and painting. The only reason I've tried to persevere with it is because I can't be bothered to set up a virtual windows environment on my mac just for paint. Terrible piece of software. It used to be good now it's just awful, keeps crashing, never opens ANY of my files, and doesn't save my progress.

The incredible new editing extension brings the entire Pixelmator Pro app to Photos.

In addition it doesn 't "undo" anything anymore no matter how many times I try. Awful tool don't recommend until they get it fixed. Very difficult to use, not even half as good as MS paint, program keeps crashing and freezing up my computer.

Even when I try to update it, it will have the same problems! Keeps closing down. I've been using this software and it keeps closing on me! Very frustrating. Cannot edit selections. Very disappointed. I used the Paint on my PC incredibly often to draw house plans and I am unable to select and edit stretch, flip small images such as doors and walls in my drawings now. Brings back the atmosphere of kindergarten. Paintbrush is the great application for kids and their parents.

This handy tool is a good w ay to amuse your child. It resembles Paint for Windows. You can make simple images and save them in different formats.

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There is an option to copy and paste pictures and edit them. Paintbrush brings back the atmosphere of kindergarten.

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Softonic review Paintbrush is probably one of the most basic graphics and design software that people can get their hands on. Not to be underestimated It may not be able to perform complex edits like popular photo editors Photoshop and Lightroom, but Paintbrush is definitely not one to be underestimated. Back to basics Paintbrush does not have advanced editing tools, but then again, it is a software that is meant for basic editing and laidback artwork creation.

Download Paintbrush 2. Free Download for Mac. You can add a grid and rulers to sketches and cut and paste from other apps including Microsoft Office, Safari, Pages etc. Paint Pro unlocks all features, including Layers which allow you to superimpose several different types of image or annotations. Overall, Paint S is too limited to be at the same level as MS Paint but Paint Pro is pretty good and is one of the few Paint style apps on Mac that also handles layers. When Preview is open, simply click on the Markup Toolbar icon at the top of the interface.

The range of tools available in Preview is pretty good including a rectangular, elliptical, lasso and smart lasso selector that allow you to cut out objects or items in images.

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The smart lasso for example can automatically detect borders in images as you guide it around thus allowing you to isolate or edit specific objects. Just click on the signature symbol to automatically open the signature tool and select whether you want to add a signature via Trackpad or iSight. Meanwhile the Sketch tool allows you to draw freehand lines and spray-paint colors and the shapes tool allows you to add rectangles, lines, circles and ovals.

There are also tools for adding text, changing fonts, a color palette, adjusting image size, resolution, crop and rotate and image. OS X Preview is a really useful tool for all sorts of basic image editing, adjusting and of course, drawing and painting. Finally, if you want something really fancy, check out Pixelmator.

Pixelmator is like a deluxe version of MS Paint and is aimed at those that want a powerful image editing and drawing tool but it can also be easily used like MS Paint for doodling and simple drawings. Pixelmator is made specifically for Mac users and utilizes all the latest technologies and capabilities of OS X to produce fast, professional and powerful image editing and drawing tools.

You can even change the hardness of brushes and blending modes. There are also special effects to have fun with and breathe new life into images and photos. Finally, you can also share images instantly to social networks and email or export them to OS X Photos, Photoshop or iCloud if you want to show-off your creations instantly. Pixelmator is so good in fact that it was voted Mac App of the Year by Apple in If you want something for more than just doodling, and especially if you want a powerful image editor without paying big bucks, Pixelmator is the best image editing and drawing application for Mac for the money.

Microsoft Paint is no longer just the simple doodling app of old. The good news is that Paint 3D is free in Windows 10 and if none of these Paint alternatives will do, you can also run it on your Mac for free.

Pixelmator Pro

Nowadays you can run Windows 10 on Mac for free because Microsoft no longer require users to activate it with a Product Key in order to keep using it. To start using Paint 3D on Mac in just a matter of minutes, just follow these instructions how to install Windows 10 on Mac for free. If you just want something really basic and free, Paint 2 is worth checking out although you really need to upgrade to Paint Pro to make it a genuine alternative to MS Paint.

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