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If you forget your OS X account password then it can be reset by either another user, provided they have administrator privileges, or through OS X Recovery. another user or the process of booting the Mac into OS X Recovery.

Breckenridge and Vintegrate have the most modular selections in pricing.

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Modules Included:. Modules are linked so that, for example, vineyard events can be linked to finished wine. One-time fee including all modules, free updates for one year with option to purchase updates after that period. One-time purchase fee pus maintenance and preferred billing rates. Month-to-month payment includes updates when released. Installation cost plus annual maintenance fee includes updates.

The Blend core offering is a collection of modules including Production, Vineyard and Packaging. Installation fee includes training. Annual subscription fee includes unlimited telephone support and upgrades. Offers unlimited inventory locations and warehouses. Per module SaaS software as a service monthly fee. Training free. Installation fee. Can have minimum system with Chart of Accounts, Database and Inventory modules. Wine Production would require more modules.

One-time fee for Server Edition plus annual licenses and monthly maintenance fee. Twenty different modules currently available in the core program. The only module that can currently operate independently is the Vineyard Management module. Data setup Making the transition from your current data-management system to your new winery-specific software is going to take time and thought.

Interview each software provider and evaluate the flexibility of their ID system and how you will use that information in your workflow. For those just entering the wine industry, you will need to develop logical coding systems that are expandable to encompass a larger array of inputs and outputs than you might be currently using.

Effort in this area can minimize the chance of needing to change your coding system later because you cannot make unique IDs for the particular data set you are creating. When designing an ID system for wine lots, tank IDs, barrels, etc.

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These software companies use the simplest, most accurate system for tracking IDs in the background, which is a unique numeric ID. When you want to retrieve data, it is not a good idea to use a numeric number only for a lot ID or tank ID. If an alphanumeric ID coding system is not used, then a natural language search must be used to give order to the data set to be retrieved. The search must rely on the software to find and order your data. This is not generally the best way to retrieve data, since this system does not force uniformity of data entry.

How You Benefit with My Wine Cellar Software

An alphanumeric structured ID is better at returning and ordering your data. Encoding within the ID validates the important data in the unique ID code. This code then needs to be flexible enough for the winery to have enough lot numbers available to capture anything it could bring in during one year. This ID is simple to understand and to determine what that item is.

However, if in coming years you add a varietal such as Sangiovese, then is this code for Sauvignon Blanc or Sangiovese? By adding on one more letter, the variety of character options allows for enough combinations that you can understand what the ID is coding for without having to look up the answer in a table. Software owners need to think about flexibility to clearly define the code segment as well as how it will be ordered in a report.

Each of the software vendors has its own set up for the initial entry information. Many come with pre-configured reference sets such as varietal lists, AVA and other important information. The winery needs to input fixed information such as barrel numbers, tank numbers and all current bulk wine codes. Going live With the assurance that your coding system is robust enough to handle data input for medium- to long-term plans, the entry of all your fixed data sources such as lot numbers, tanks etc.

Some vendors have a practice set up where you can get familiar with the operations before committing to real-world data entry. Most will suggest that you begin at the start of a data period for TTB reporting or a physical inventory period. In that manner, you have a validation point coinciding with a financial data point. This becomes the foundation of your new data-input system.

This point must be as accurate a reference point as possible. Most of the vendors will suggest that you carry on a dual set of books for one or two reporting periods to cross-check the old system with the new system and catch systematic errors. You are going to need their help on many occasions, so it is critical that you call and ask questions to see how the help desk solves problems.

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Many of the vendors have embraced remote access to your computer. That way you both are looking at the issue at hand on your device, and you will not have to describe something or miss an important point that could be staring you right in the face. Historic data Most companies can import some form of data from a previous digital system.

The most common data import is from Excel spreadsheets. Once the data is imported from a database, the ability to import data becomes more difficult, especially if the imported data is based on transactional records. Therefore, when switching from one vendor to another, it may be difficult to import prior data as a bulk transfer without a lot of custom programming effort. Orion and Amphora require customers to enter data manually. One strategy is to enter historic data in a more global manner than the transactional level i.


Location information can, however, can be added on the Snooth website. Most of your data syncs among multiple devices—albeit slowly—and with the website.

Wine Cellar Software Review – Free Wine Cellar Software, Bottle Tags, and Products

Widely considered the Cadillac of wine cellar apps, VinoCellar is an exhaustive and often exhausting system for managing everything there is to possibly manage about your wines. Wines can be input manually or through keyword search. Using the search system is definitely the way to go, as even marginal pre-population of the dozen-plus information fields allotted to each wine is a huge time saver.

The cellar and rack setup system is surprisingly more complex and quite difficult to work with than creating the wine list. First you must actually set up a visual representation of your cellar, which is initially tricky because the iconography of the app is garbled. For example, you can decide how to number your columns and rows, but the option for setting the legend on columns confusingly shows a picture of the rows, and vice versa. First, each bottle has to be dropped into a rack, then into a position on that rack on a second screen.

This is a tedious process that involves double-tapping an unplaced bottle then double-tapping a spot on the rack. Mess up with a single-tap and you have to start all over. That said, the app is considerably tougher to interact with on the iPhone vs. Quitting the app completely tends to help, especially with the buggy sync operation. More casual collectors may want something simpler and easier to use. Vinoteka is developed by a Czech company and is available in three flavors : Classic, reviewed here, is the most full featured. Vinoteka is designed as both a system for storing tasting notes and managing your cellar.

While it relies heavily on a Comic Sans-esque font for the former, this is actually where the app shines.

Best Apps for Wine Lovers

Vinoteka includes a search system to help automate the addition of new wines. But text-based search is far from perfect, as it is very limited in its breadth as well as its organization. Continued scrolling through the results reveals nothing of use, sending you back to try again. The system also lets you search by barcode, either through scanning the code with your camera or entering the UPC digits in by hand. Cellar building is limited within Vinoteka, primarily because of the restrictions over how tall your racks can be. My personal racks are mostly six columns wide and 18 rows tall, but Vinoteka maxes out at 11 rows.

Just sign up and go! My Wine Cellar helps you stay in touch with your collection and stay in control. Wine need never pass its peak again, overlooked at the back of your cellar. You'll always know what you have, where it is and what it's worth. Wine valuation is a snap with a handy link to the wine searcher database of wine prices from around the world.

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If your wine is in Cellarit wine storage, your values are automatically totaled and you're covered by insurance from the moment the values are entered or updated! If you don't find the emails useful, you can unsubscribe anytime. My Wine Cellar is your gateway for having your wine delivered to any location you choose, quickly and inexpensively.

Cellarit is in control of the delivery process every step of the way so you'll get your wine and not excuses or delays. International collectors can purchase wine from Cellarit or have it sent to our warehouse directly from wineries or retailers. From there, it can be shipped anywhere, anytime or left in Wine storage. You don't have to be a Cellarit wine storage customer to use My Wine Cellar. Take advantage of all the features completely free of charge! If you're a Cellarit Wine Storage customer the My Wine Cellar section is your gateway to your inventory, organising deliveries into or out of wine storage, your invoicing, wine storage insurance and much more.

Your purchases are automatically added to your My Wine Cellar List to create an easy reference to help keep track of what bottles you purchase and the price of each. You can add your own inventory to the list to create a one-stop database of your wine collection and value. Organise your first pickup by entering your "for sale" inventory and then using the automated pickup service.

You'll receive an email confirmation of all the details of the wine being collected, the date and address along with a reference number. As your wine sells you'll receive automatic email notifications and your proceeds are detailed in the online wine account summary.